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Who we are .....

Every story has a beginning and so does mine! Do you all remember those endless searches for that piece of jewellery that you felt was yours, that tugged you at the heartstrings the moment you saw it? Well, so did I. And after a few really desperate searches, I simply decided to create a line for myself! Easier said than done, isn’t it? But, when ever does a dream come true easily?

And once I finally got it, I simply wanted to share it with my friends! Sharing got around to talking and talking brought home the truth that there were many like me, desperately seeking Susans! Thus was born Baublebeads – what I believe is the final answer to all our searches! Made for those of us who want to make our own style come through – be it clothes, accessories or anything else!

I love fashion as much as I love food and travel! And so, baublebeads brings to you, the best of trends from across the globe, right from the streets to the ramps! I am a collector, that’s what I am – collecting trinkets and baubles from wherever I go! And that by the way girls, is what inspired the name baublebeads – a tribute to all of us seekers and collectors!

A group of us then came together, our years of experience in fashion and retailing working to bring it all together for you like this – curated and crafted to perfection! And here we are today!

Come join us at baublebeads and help us make all of your dreams come true ….